Nuriye Sahin Canadian Immigration Consultant

Are you eligible to immigrate to Canada?

Why Nuriye Şahin?

Competent in Canadian immigration law

Work with the right Immigration Consultant who understands immigration legislation. She provides honest, quality advice and service.

High success rate

No project is too big or too small. Every application is prepared meticulously for the best chance of success.

With you all the way until your application is finalized

Be supported every step of making your application and after.

Over 10 years of experience

Nuriye Sahin has been providing professional service as an immigration consultant for over 10 years. She is trustworthy, detail oriented, carefully plans your immigration road map for the best chance of success.

Manages your application’s procedure precisely

Not only while your application is in process and but also after you have received a decision, continues to assist with immigration and new comer related issues.

An accurate roadmap for your applications

Offers her clients a complete and rigorous roadmap from start to finish.

The most appropriate solution

She offers the most suitable and cost effective solutions to her clients.


Express Entry

Kanada'yı gösteren işaret üzerinde yürüyen birisi

Provincial Investor

Göçmenlik formunu gösteren bir fotoğraf

Student Visa

Örnek bir vize fotoğrafı

Canadian Experience

Ellerini üst üste koymuş insanlar

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to come to Canada to work. Can you help me find a job?

The organizations that can help you find a job in Canada are known as employment agencies and headhunters. As an immigration consultant, my expertise is not human resources and employment, and I have no affiliation with any such organization, so it is not possible for me to help you find a job in Canada.

I advise that you apply for positions that you are interested in on your own. The government of Canada’s official job search site is:

You should be aware that Canadian employers are prohibited from asking employees to pay costs associated with the hiring procedures.

I have a criminal record for a traffic offense in my home country. Can this cause my immigration application to be refused?

It is one of the most common criminal inadmissibility reasons that may cause an application to be refused. It is not important what the penalty was in your home country. What is important is whether the incident is punishable in Canada has it happened in Canada. This subject is interesting and can be complicated.  To assess whether you might be criminally inadmissible to Canada is part of our eligibility assessment interview.

If you have a traffic offence or other criminal record, contact us to find out whether this could be overcome.

My immigration application was refused, I thought I did everything right, what should I do now?

First thing to find out is whether you have a right to appeal the refusal decision. It is important to seek professional advice as soon as you receive the refusal to see if it would be worthwhile to appeal or whether you even have a right to appeal. In some cases, identifying the reasons for the refusal and making a new application be a faster and more economical solution than appealing. In some cases, the only remedy can be appealing the decision.

How do I know if I qualify for the entrepreneur investment program?

You can consult with us to find out whether you are eligible for one or more provincial nominee programs under the entrepreneurship category. We will ask you about the maximum and minimum amount of investment you plan to make, which business sector you want to invest in, whether you have experience in the sector you want to invest in, your business plan, and your language proficiency in English and/or French.

The first thing to do is to make an appointment with us.

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We recommend her to everyone who need immigration consultation.


I would like to thank Ms Nuriye Sahin for her excellent service. I came to know Ms Nuriye through a family reference. She had been providing consultancy to my family members and I had only heard good things about her.


We are so grateful to have worked with her and that she helped my husband secure his Canadian Citizenship.


She was very clear from day one on the plan and we are very happy with the services we have received. Highly recommended.

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success rate

years of experience
in Canadian immigration law

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