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Immigration has been a source of population, economic, and cultural growth in Canada for over a century. It is predicted that by the early 2030s, immigration will be the sole source of population increase in Canada. Currently, immigrants account for roughly 21.5% of the total population.

Canada’s  immigration law and immigration policies are complicated. Canada is one of most desired Country to immigrate, therefore competion is high among candidates. You may be eligible for a certain Canada immigration application only once. It is important to work an experienced Canadian Immgiration Consultant or an immigration lawyer to submit a complete application,  and eliminate your risk of unneccassary refusals.

Who is a Canadian Immigration Consultant?

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant is an  immigration specialist who is specialized in the Canada”s Immigration legislation.  Canadian Immigration Concultants are regulated  by College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.  We strongly advise that you should check whether your consultants is a good standing member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. This can be done easily by accessing the website of the College.  I strongly believe that professionally prepared immigration application is key to succeed. You might be eligible to immigrate under certain immigration category. Unless your application is prepared carefully, and all mandatory supporting documents are provided with your application,  your application may be refused. Canada immigration consultants make sure that your application is complete and your supporting documents are sufficient.

Are All Licenced Service Providers in Canadian Immigration the Same?

The answer is no. There are three professionals who are legally permitted to represent clients in immigration proceedings. Each group of professionals is broadly described below.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants

They are only permitted to represent clients with regards to Canadian immigration law.  They present you with variety of immigration issues such as applications via Express Entry, representing you at Immigration and Refugee Board, Immigratoin Appeal Division, your family spornsorship appliacations temproray resident applications such as study permit, work permit and visitor visa.  You may consult with them for specific request such as drafing a reference letter for Canada immigration.

They are regulated by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants, whose website allows people to check if a consultant is in good standing.

Lawyers Canada wide,  Paralegals only in Ontario,  and Notary Publics only  in Quebec

Any lawyer in Canada  and a notary public in Quebec with or without specialized knowledge of Canada immigration legislation can act as a representative in the immigration process. Although the jobs of a regulated Canadian immigration consultant and a lawyer are almost the same, there are not many lawyers certified in Canadian immigration law.

Paralegals are regulated only in Ontario by the Law Society in Ontario.

Which One Is the Best Option?

You are not obliged to hire an immigration specialist. You can represent yourself with your immigration application. If you choose to engage services of an  auhtorazied immigration representative ,you need to make sure that your representative is a good standing member of their regulatory body. You need to consider whether you are able build a professional relationship based on trust and professionalism. We can not tell you which one is the best among authorized professionals. However, we can recommend you to choose your represantive based on their number of years of experience in their field, their availability to provide help in a timely manner, whether you will be easy to communicate and work with them based on trust and professionalism. Canadian Immigration Consultants only provides services in immigration law, they do not divide their attention among other types of law. You may consider this factor when you decide who to hire.

Does a Canadian Immigration Consultant Really Help with the Application Process?

Canada immigration application is a complicated process. Even finding the most suitable program for the applicant’s unique situation takes a plethora of knowledge. Designing a unique strategy to succeed is requires experience. Make sure that your application is complete, accurate, and well-prepared. Canadian immigration consultants constantly update their knowledge, follow ongoing changes in immigration law and policies.  Ensuring that their clients  are provided up-to-date information on their application status.  Canadian immigration consultant will be with you every step of your application until your application is decided.  

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