Nuriye Sahin Canadian Immigration Consultant

To remedy its aging population and low birth rates, Canada welcomes hundreds of thousands of new immigrants every year. Given its high level of welfare, democratic government respecting political and civil liberties, and multicultural society, it attracts many people from all around the world.

There are many immigration categories to immigrate to Canada, and competition is high among candidates. To find out a category which suits the best, to stand out among other candidates, and to facilitate the complex application process, the services of a Canadian immigration consultant will assist you to succeed.

Canadian Immigration Consultant

To put it simple, a Canadian immigration consultant is an immigration specialist providing legal services in Canadian Immigration Law. You may engage services of Canadian Immigration Consultant to represent and assist you with regards to your immigration and temporary resident applications.  

Types of Canadian Immigration Consultants

There are mainly three types of professionals legally permitted to represent you with your immigration applications: Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants who studied and specialized in Canada immigration and licensed by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants; lawyers; and paralegals. 

Benefits of Hiring a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Considering that there are over 60 different type of Canada immigration programs, choosing the best option is not an easy task. The professional knowledge of a Canadian immigration consultant save you time and help you decide best suitable solution for you.  Canada immigration application is a complicated to prepare and understand in the absence of professional help. Submitting a complete Immigration application is a serious task where the smallest of details may make all the difference. Therefore, candidates who work with a qualified immigration specialist to ensure that the application forms and documents are accurate and well-presented stand out, among others.

What Is Express Entry?

Express Entry is a point-based online selection and Canada immigration application processing system developed by the Canadian Government to manage certain type of immigration applications. Since its launch in 2015, it has been used widely for Canada immigration.

Which Canada Immigration Programs Are Covered by the Express Entry?

Under Express Entry, there are four major immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker Category, Canadian Experience Class, and Skilled Trades Occupations and some Provincial Nominee Programs. All these programs use the Comprehensive Ranking System to rank prospect immigrants.

How Does a Canadian Immigration Consultant Help with the Express Entry?

The Express Entry system creates a pool of eligible candidates. Among those prospect immigrants, only those with the highest-ranking score are selected and invited to apply for permanent residence. A well-prepared file is a must for Express Entry applications to distinguish among the others. To prevent unnecessary refusals, it is important to engage professional services of an immigration specialist such as a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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