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Canada allows dual citizenship.

What Is Citizenship and Dual Citizenship?

The Canadian Citizenship can be obtain by birth or by naturalization. Dual citizenship in Canada means an individual having two citizenships, one of which is from Canada. It is important to note that dual citizenship can sometimes lead to issues with one’s home country. Canada allows for holding second citizenship. However, your home county may not allow for dual citizenship, therefore acquiaring a Canadian Citizenship may result loosing your home country citizenship. Most known countries that do not allow dual citizenships are Germany, Japan, Phillipiness.

Who Are Eligible for Holding Dual Citizenship in Canada?

Canadians are allowed to acquire foreign citizenship while maintaining their Canadian citizenship, therefore Canadians may hold a dual citizenship.
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) list the requirements for becoming a Canadian citizen as follows:
• having lived in Canada for three years out of the last five years as a permanent resident;
• having filed taxes, if one needs to;
• passing a test on citizens’ rights and responsibilities and knowledge of Canada;
• proving language skills in English or French.

How to Apply for Dual Citizenship in Canada

Those meeting the above criteria can apply for Canadian citizenship on paper or online.

Application on Paper

Until recently, Canadian Citizenship applications were only submitted as a paper application. IRCC recently introduced online Canadian Citizenship application.

Application Online

Those, who have a valid mail e-mail address, are above 18 years of age when they submit their applications and applying only for themselves, can apply online citizenship . If the candidate has already applied on paper, they should not apply online.
Keep in mind that getting support from a regulated Canadian immigration consultant for dual citizenship in Canada is highly useful, regardless of your application method.

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