Nuriye Sahin Canadian Immigration Consultant

Canada is a country welcoming people from all over the world. Canada has most diverse immigration programs that developed and tested over the years. Diverse immigration programs allow Canada to attract human capital that needs to keep its economy going and growing.  

Foundation and basics of Canada immigration law is to continue attract immigrants to stay competitive globally in economy. Diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism pillars of Canadian Immigration system.

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) is the main legislation for Canadian Immigration. It sets out the rules for who can enter, live, work, study and immigrate Canada.

Basic Principle of the Canada Immigration Law

Basics of Canada immigration law include recognizing immigrants as equal members of Canadian society. Once they arrive in Canada, immigrants –permanent residency holders- enjoy almost all rights of citizens. The only exclusions are the inability to vote and hold certain government jobs that requires high level of security clearance and being a Canadian Citizen.

Multiculturalism as an Official Commitment

Canada’s official commitment to multiculturalism is comes from both in the Constitution –Charter of Rights and Freedoms- and the Canadian Multiculturalism Act. The Act expresses Canada’s determination to remove discrimination, enable participation in society, provide equality of opportunity, and enhance the cultural expression of all ethnic communities in Canada. It also recognizes multiculturalism as a vital aspect of Canadian heritage and identity.

The above-written basics of Canada immigration law make it clear that Canada gladly welcomes immigrants and provide many services for their integration as equal members of the society. However, immigration is a complicated and tiring process where the help of a regulated immigration consultant makes not only the entire process easier, but also your application stand out among the others.


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