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Canada is one of the most popular destinations for qualified immigrants in the world. As a result, Canada receives thousands of applications for immigration each year. The majority of these applications are submitted via the Express Entry. Express Entry is a point-based system. Applicants are scored based on their age, education level, Canadian and foreign work experience, knowledge of Canada’s official languages and some other criteria such as having an offer an employment from a Canadian employer. We’ll try to explain how the immigration point system works.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a scoring system that determines which candidates will be invited to apply for permanent residency. The total of the candidates’ Core CRS Points and Additional CRS Points determines their final score.

CRS Points

The following variables are used to determine CRS Points:

  • Core/Human Capital Factors
  • Spouse and common-law factors
  • Skill transferability factors

Additional CRS Points

These variables are used to calculate additional CRS points:

  • Brother or sister living in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident
  • French language skills
  • A province or territory’s nomination
  • Post-secondary education in Canada
  • Arranged employment

How to Get More Immigration Points in Canada

Improving your language test scores is the quickest approach to boost your Canada Immigration Points.  You can also learn French as a second foreign language if you don’t speak it already. Knowing both French and English will help you achieve a higher score.

Post-secondary education in Canada will give additional 15 to 30 points depending on length of post-secondary education.

Having an offer of employment supported with LMIA will give additional 50 or 200 points depending on NOC code of the position that offered to you.

The immigration points system in Canada might be perplexing. You may require assistance throughout the duration of your immigration process. We, at MyCanadaExpert, are here to help you get through this procedure as smoothly as possible. Say “hello” to a brighter life in Canada by contacting us today.

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