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Canada is one of the dream countries of individuals who want to reside in another country, thanks to its flourishing economy and good living standards. It’s no accident that Canada is so well-liked. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should know before moving to Canada.


A permanent resident visa is required to live and work in Canada. You must apply for permanent resident visa and obtain one. You must have all required qualifications for the immigration stream that you are applying. Application processing times vary between 6 months to years depending on immigration stream that you applied.

Finding a Home

Finding a home, especially in large cities, can be difficult. House prices and rentals in major cities are unquestionably greater than in smaller ones. In general, housing prices are going up in Canada. There is a gap between supply and demand. COVID 19 impacted people’s choices what kind of house they want to live. Working from home made possible for some people to choose bigger houses in smaller communities.  Newcomers may rent a place to live first to know the city they will be settling in before purchase a home or condo.

Finding a Job

Canada’s economy is constantly growing. As a result, if you are a skilled worker, finding work in Canada will not be difficult. However, networking, knowing the sector in your occupation, recent trends in job market, preparation for a job interview are always essential factors to find a job.

It is preferable to begin your employment search before arriving in Canada. Because gaining permanent residence in Canada is much easier with a valid employment offer with supported positive Labor Market Impact Assessment Opinion.

Open positions can be found on the Canadian government’s job bank or on professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

Education and Health

It’s reasonable to have concerns about the country’s health and education systems if you’re relocating to Canada with your family. Don’t be concerned. Canada boasts one of the world’s greatest healthcare and educational systems.

In Canada, basic health care is offered free of charge. On the other hand, most employers provide private health insurance to cover healthcare expenses that not free.

Basic education until the age of 16 is compulsory in Canada. Canada has some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Canada is a country that welcomes immigrants with open arms. This does not, however, imply that immigration to Canada is simple. Even the tiniest error you make during this process can result in the process failing. With all of our experience and knowledge, we are with you throughout your immigration journey to Canada as MyCanadaExpert. Contact us today. Start a new life in Canada.

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