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How to Get a Canadian Study Permit?

Every year, tens of thousands of international students choose Canada as their study destination. Canada’s extremely high standards of living and education are the main cause of this. With a diploma from a Canadian university, you can easily get a job almost anywhere in the world. But before you can fulfill your goals, you need […]
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Canadian citizenship vs Permanent Residency: What’s the Difference?

We are aware that a lot of individuals want to know the distinctions between Canadian citizenship and permanent residence. So, we want to keep you up to date so you can learn more about it. What is Canadian Citizenship, What is Permanent Residence? Let’s begin by making the definitions clearer. Permanent residence means that a […]
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Why People Choose Moving to Canada: What the Country Offers to Immigrants

Canada welcomed 401,000 immigrants in 2021 alone. Given the country’s total population of around 38 million, needless to say this number is high. Let’s see why so many people choose moving to Canada and what advantages await new immigrants. Multicultural Environment Inclusion, multiculturalism, diversity is significant aspect of Canadian social fabric. Canadians know and applicate […]
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Getting and Using a Driver’s License in Canada: The Process in Quebec and Ontario

Like any other country, Canada requires its citizens, residents, or visitors to have a valid driver’s license in order to drive a motor vehicle. Valid driver’s licenses issued in other countries may be used to drive in Canada for a short time after arrival – there may be exceptions depending on the province, though. Let’s […]
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Is College Free in Canada?

With its high education standards and academic achievements of higher education institutions, Canada is one of the most preferred countries for international students. The question in the minds of young people who want to study in Canada is “Are colleges and universities free in Canada? If we must give a short answer to this question, […]
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How to Find the Best Immigration Consulting Service for You

Every year, thousands of people apply to immigrate to developed countries in order to have a better life. However, people fail to succeed despite having the necessary qualifications. The most important reason behind their failure are incomplete application forms and supporting documents as well as luck of written submissions to explain crucial details particular to […]
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What You Need to Know Before Moving to Canada

Canada is one of the dream countries of individuals who want to reside in another country, thanks to its flourishing economy and good living standards. It’s no accident that Canada is so well-liked. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should know before moving to Canada. Visa A permanent resident visa is […]
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Life in Toronto: 5 Reasons to Move to Toronto

Not only in Canada, but also globally, Toronto is one of the most livable cities. This fact alone is enough for you to start a new life in Toronto. There’s more, however. This is a list of five things that make you want to move to Toronto. Toronto is a Safe City You expect the […]
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Does Canada Have Free Healthcare?

Healthcare is responsibility of Provinces. Federal government funds certain percentage of healthcare costs, provinces tap up the rest and provides health care services. Not all healthcare services are fee in Canada.  Except few exceptions, dental care and pharma care are not free in Canada. Unless part of a hospital care, complementary health care services are […]
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The Basics of Canada’s Immigration Point System

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for qualified immigrants in the world. As a result, Canada receives thousands of applications for immigration each year. The majority of these applications are submitted via the Express Entry. Express Entry is a point-based system. Applicants are scored based on their age, education level, Canadian and foreign […]
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