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She pays great attention to details.

We have known and worked with Nuriye Şahin for about 5 years. She is one of the most reliable, understanding and experienced people I have met in Canada. As someone who has worked with different lawyers before, I can say that Nuriye’s experience in the legal field and Canada’s immigration system is extremely strong. She renews herself quickly, pays attention to details. She is attentive. Especially her great attention to detail leaves no question in mind when working with Nuriye.

She supported me until the end.

I met Ms Sahin through the reference of a close friend years ago. We worked as a team to renew my Permanent Residence status already had expired.

My case was rather complicated; Needed practical and conceptual thinking as well as full understanding of the law.

Ms. Sahin being a very self disciplined person carried out enough research and asked adequate valid supporting data to assist me in the preparation of a complete application form.

She closely monitored me and presented her findings and recommendations during the process. Her close follow up enabled us to be informed duly about the progress of the application.

I have always had her support even at the last step; Face to face interview stage.

She guided us correctly.

First of all, I must say that just as there are minor difficulties on every adventurous road, we have had a little more than that.

We were doing research about how to move to Canada and we came to the conclusion that the best way was to go to Canada for education. First, I was going to attend a language training course for 3 months, and then I was going to attend to a 2-year College program. Our main goal was to eventually immigrate to Canada.

We engaged the services of a company who recruits students for overseas education. My husband and I were engaged at that time. He received his short-term visa for language training and left for Canada for 3 months. Upon his return to Turkey, we got married and applied for a visa for me. 2 days before our departure from Turkey, my visa application was refused. My husband had to leave for Canada without me.

While we were trying to understand the reasons for the refusal, my husband met with Nuriye. We asked for Nuriye’s professional help for my work permit application. She assisted us with the process with great care. She explained how my visa application was made, why my first application was refused, and how we should move forward.
I was in Turkey, my husband and Nuriye were in Canada, but they were also in different cities. Despite all this, she met with me over Face Time, collected all the necessary documents, and sent e-mails to the Consulate on my behalf. During the preparation of my second application, she explained all my steps from going to Visa Application Center to what to bring and request upon my arrival to Visa Application Center.

My application was approved this time. After I came to Canada, there was a problem with my work permit. Ms. Nuriye contacted my employer and she took care of my problem even though she was on vacation at that time. We are currently working with her with regards our permanent resident application. We know that immigration is a long process and we manage this process with her because we cannot trust anyone but her. We trust her with our eyes closed and we really thank her very much.

Kind and honest person.

Nuriye Sahin, is one of the best Immigration Consultants I have met. She is knowledgeable, patient and confident. She assisted me with my mother’s visitor visa and later on with her sponsorship application, when I was hopeless and didn’t know what to do. She discussed with me all the different options and provided me with some reassurance in difficult times. She was very quick and accurate when answering my questions through emails. I felt she was holding my hand through the whole process. Very compassionate, kind and honest. I always go back to her whenever I have any immigration issues/questions. I highly recommend her services.

Completely professional service.

I came to Canada years ago as an immigrant and after staying for 8 years and getting Canadian citizenship, I returned to Turkey. During this time, we established and developed our own business in the health sector in Turkey. During one of my business trips to Russia, I met my wife and we got married 6 months later in Turkey. My wife got Turkish citizenship 3 years later. During these years we spent in Turkey, our two sons, who are now 15 and 13 years old, were born. After their birth, we got their Canadian citizenship and passports from the Canadian Embassy in Ankara due to my Canadian citizenship.

My wife and I thought that it would be better for our children to continue their education in Canada in the near future. We traveled to Canada with our children for two summers to decide which city to settle in. Upon our arrival in 2018, we saw Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa and decided to live in Ottawa. My wife had entered Canada with a tourist visa on these trips and we could to get a Permanent Resident visa because of our marriage. In August 2018, we visited Ms. Nuriye in her office in Ottawa through a friend of ours and we met with her. She explained to us the procedure in details. We could have started the visa application process ourselves. However, after listening to Nuriye, we chose to have all these procedures done by a professional person, relying on her years of experience and knowledge. After meeting with her, we had to return to Turkey and focus on working on our existing business in Turkey. In March 2019, Ms. Nuriye sent our application after carefully and meticulously preparing the application.

She was regularly providing updates on the process of our application. In August 2019, without waiting for the final decision on our application, we moved to Canada to enroll our children in a secondary school in Ottawa. My wife entered Canada with her visitor visa. At the beginning of November, with an e-mail from Immigration Canada, my wife was asked to give her biometrics which is the last stage of her permanent resident application. We were in Canada at that time; therefore we went to New York to give my wife’s biometrics. A week later, Nuriye was informed that my wife’s Permanent Resident Visa had arrived.

If we had not started the application process with Ms. Nuriye, and had any unexpected delays or disruptions in the application process, we could have experienced further delays with our application because of COVID 19.

We were very pleased with this completely professional and knowledge-based service we received from Nuriye Şahin. We thank her very much. We strongly recommend Nuriye Şahin’s services to anyone who needs this kind of professional support and we wish her success in her future endeavors.

My application was approved on time.

Working with Nuriye was great! Everyone working at her office was always friendly and prompt anytime I called. I received my PR in a timely manner that matched the timeline Nuriye gave me at one of our many consultations. I would recommend the services I received to anyone trying to get themselves or a loved one into our beautiful country. Thanks again Nuriye.

Her experience is significant.

Her professional work experience as a lawyer from Turkey and her professional experience in Canadian Immigration Law helped us to overcome our immigration issues.

Very satisfied with her service.

My wife and I worked with Ms. Sahin initially for our temporary student and work permits, and later to acquire our permanent resident status. We have received great service and results, as promised. She was very clear from day one on the plan and we are very happy with the services we have received. Highly recommended.

We are truly grateful.

Nuriye helped my husband and I on both our Permanent Resident Application and Citizenship Application. Being so satisfied with her work, we also hired her to work on my in-law’s visitor visa applications. She provides the utmost excellence in her work. She is kind, personable, and well organized. We never encountered any mistakes in her work as she is very detail oriented. We are so grateful to have worked with her and that she helped my husband secure his Canadian Citizenship.

She guided us during this process.

I would like to thank Ms Nuriye Sahin for her excellent service. I came to know Ms Nuriye through a family reference. She had been providing consultancy to my family members and I had only heard good things about her.

I reached out to her in 2014 when I was applying for a Canadian student visa. She did all my paperwork while I was in USA and made my arrival to Canada so stress free. I would like to share that from the first stage of the student visa process, till now Ms Nuriye Sahin has been so helpful to me. She helped me obtain my Post Graduate Work Permit, my husband’s spousal/work permit, Express entry, and PNP.

All through these years of knowing and working with her had been a great experience. She has always been very honest, friendly and open about providing all the possible options for us. There had been some uncertain times during Express entry but she helped and guided us through the process, providing smooth transitions. I highly recommend her immigration services. Once again I truly appreciate all the huge efforts Ms Nuriye had put into my case.

We recommend her to everyone.

My husband and I are very grateful for Nuriye’s expertise, professionalism and utmost care to help our cases going through difficulties and succeed in the end. She is very compassionate, insightful and an outstanding expert in her field. Her help us was thorough and highly appreciated. So we will undoubtedly continue working with Nuriye on all of our matters. Strongly recommend Nuriye to anyone needing immigration consultation and service.

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